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We ask that parents, athletes, and family members remember that they are not only representing themselves, but also representing the Ducks. We expect all of our Duck Family to be supportive, and not show any abuse to officials, coaches, spectators and athletes. The Ducks have a reputation for having sportsmanlike and supportive members, and we would like to see that continue. Families are encouraged to come out and support their child, and help with the team is always appreciated. However, we ask that they leave the coaching to the coaches assigned to the team. Please review the Volleyball BC Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy.


Depending on the severity of the player’s violation of the Volleyball BC Code of Conduct an Ethics, the consequences will vary.  Consequences range from not playing, to being removed from the team.  Less severe issues will be dealt with at the personal discretion of the coach; more severe issues may lead to the athlete being removed from the team and will be dealt with by the executive. Athletes choosing to break team rules or violate the Code of Conduct and Ethics may be sent home immediately at the expense of the parents.  Athletes will not be reimbursed any of their club fees or additional costs when they have been removed from the team, or undergoing consequences.

Head injuries are very serious. The Ducks coaches staff have been told that whenever a concussion is suspected, the athlete must be sat out until they have medical clearance to return to play. Below are some educational tools from Volleyball Canada and Volleyball BC, please review them.

Checklist Harmonized Concussion Protocol

Volleyball Canada Concussion Policy

PreSeason Education Sheet

Commonly asked questions

The Ducks are very excited to partner with Photo Expressions to provide professional photography for our Club.  All athletes will receive an individual and team picture this season as part of their registration. Please review the following information: 

  • – All athletes and coaches are expected to attend their designated photography time.
  • – All athletes, managers and coaches are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to your designated times. Managers are expected to help organize and coordinate the team.
  • – All athletes must be dressed in their full Ducks volleyball uniform, spandex/shorts, socks and jersey (no kneepads).
  • – All coaches must be dressed in the most recent Ducks volleyball apparel provided.
  • – No parents are allowed in the studio during photo times to reduce group sizes and prevent cohort mixing

The Ducks will have access to these pictures for use within the club. If you are interested in purchasing additional options from the Ducks Photo Package (in addition to the individual and team picture you will be receiving), there will be a link shortly. There will also be options to purchase additional items at Photo Expressions during assigned times.



Photography Package Information (order online): COMING SOON

Location: 140-2250 Fremont St., Port Coquitlam

Date: tba

What Do Registration Fees Cover?

– A ticket to our year end Ducks banquet
– Official individual and team photo
– Club wide access to Team Snap 
– Gym rental / 2 practices a week
– Coaching certification and training
– Coaching honorariums
– Gear: Socks, 2 Warm up tshirts, 2 jerseys (junior ducks will have 1 jersey)


– Girls: Qualifiers and Provincial Championships, 4-5 local and/or Volleyball BC tournaments
– Junior Ducks will have 2-3 local and/or Volleyball BC tournaments
– Boys: Qualifiers and Provincial Championships, 4-5 local and/or Volleyball BC tournaments

In addition Elite teams will receive:

– Entry fee for 1-2 high profile tournaments and/or Power League entry (boys teams when applicable and/or available). *15U-18U Elite teams will attend Matt Hartner Tournament
– Entrance fee for National Championships
– 3 practices a week
– Increased access to our Technical Director
– Access to recruiting support staff

Ducks train throughout the Tri-Cities: Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam and often at Harry Jerome Sports Centre. We train in elementary, middle and high school gyms.

Exact times and locations vary based on the coaches’ availability on the team you are placed on. Times are not finalized at this time. Times will be available by December.

There is no structured league play in volleyball. The Ducks season schedule is tournament based and the schedule will be set by each coach. The season of play is January to early May.

In an effort to reduce waste, Ducks Volleyball has reduced the number of clothing items that athletes are required to purchase as part of their club fees. 

Athletes and families have the option to purchase additional Duck gear – athletes will be provided with the store link once it is ready to go

raffle ticket faq

For the 2024 volleyball season, Ducks Volleyball, in conjunction with its sponsors, will be holding a fundraising raffle. There will be 3350 total tickets printed and will be sold for $5 per ticket.

This year, the Ducks Volleyball Club will be holding a club wide raffle ticket fundraiser. Each athlete will be given one booklet of 10 raffle tickets to sell at $5 per ticket. Once the tickets have been sold, the ticket stubs and money must be handed back to the coach/team manager to collect and then returned to the raffle coordinator. All sold stubs must stay within the booklet stapled. All unsold tickets must also be returned intact within the booklet stapled.

This year, the Ducks Volleyball Club are seeking creative methods of raising additional funds to help cover the rising costs of running programs and maintaining and building organizational infrastructure. Proceeds from the raffle fundraiser will be used toward Ducks Financial support bursaries to support Ducks’ families in need, supplementing costs for year end banquet, prizing and scholarships, supporting the development and maintenance of programs and organizational infrastructure and coaching certification and education.

Each athlete will be given one booklet of 10 raffle tickets to sell at $5 per ticket. Once the tickets have been sold, please keep the stubs in the booklet, do not remove. Hand all sold and unsold tickets into your coach/team manager by March 31, 2023

tba – Raffle sales commence

tba – Raffle sales end. Tickets and monies must be handed into coach/manager. Sold AND unsold.

tba – Prize draw will be done at 6 pm at Mariner Brewing in Coquitlam

Each team must assign a manager to hand out ticket books, fill out the ticket control sheet with player names and assigned ticket number, collect tickets and monies from the players on their team. ALL ticket books must be accounted for, sold or not. If a ticket book is lost, you must contact the raffle coordinator asap:


If you are volunteering as your team manager/ticket collector, please email

In addition to all of our great community partners, Volleyball Stuff Surrey is donating a $500 Custom team gear package to the team who sells the most tickets!