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Duck Pride

We Build Champions | We Pursue Excellence | We Value Community

We have an immense amount of #duckpride in our #duckalumni #duckchampions and #ducksgiveback initiatives.  Thank you to all of the Duck athletes, coaches, parents and volunteers, who continue to make this club a special place to grow and learn as a person and as an athlete. Thank you for all of  all your contributions to our rich history and for continuing to share our passion for the game and being leaders in our communities. 

We Build Champions – We are extremely proud of our #duckalumni and #duckchampions. We strive to provide all athletes and coaches the best opportunities to learn, compete and excel to their full potential in the sport of volleyball. Thank you for all of your contributions, hard work and perseverance. 

We Pursue Excellence – We are proud of the infrastructure and resources we have put in place for athletes and coaches so they can can reach their potential. We want our Ducks culture in each and every gym, a culture that has high expectations for growth, learning, competition and fun. We believe all athletes and teams can pursue excellence #ducktrained.

We Value Community – We are proud of the opportunities for our Duck family to have positive learning experiences, both in and out of sport, that promote the development of life skills, leadership, teamwork, self discipline, responsibility and respect that will allow them to contribute positively to their communities. Having strong community is essential to success, and that strong leaders are at its core. We believe all of our athletes and teams can grow into leaders, and make those around them better#ducksgiveback