Who We Are

Our History

Established in 1996, Ducks Volleyball Club started as a drop-in volleyball opportunity for female athletes in Coquitlam. Initially, the Ducks’ purpose was to provide female athletes with equal opportunities in sport, expose them to volleyball competition, and to create positive social experiences. Within a few years, the Ducks grew rapidly due to the overwhelming increase in passionate volleyball athletes. In response to this demand, the Ducks’ philosophy evolved and created a structured system to facilitate the growth of volleyball throughout the Tri-Cities, Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Continuing to evolve, the structure in place today provides professional and elite training for both male and female athletes from all over the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. While our indoor club program remains central to our focus, we also offer year round training through camps, clinics, and a highly successful beach volleyball program to ensure our athletes receive the very best training opportunities throughout the year. We provide athletes with the opportunity to develop and reach their individual physical, mental, and technical potential. We provide athletes opportunities to develop strong leadership skills, not only on the court, but also in the community. We want our athletes to become the best athletes and leaders they can become so they can make a positive impact in the lives of others, and in the communities they live in.

The Ducks Volleyball Club is now one of the most successful, established, longest running volleyball clubs in Western Canada. The Ducks have 300+ athletes and 70+ coaches in our club each year and 1800+ loyal alumni – We Value Community. The Ducks have graduated 80+ athletes who have moved on to play post-secondary, national team and professionally. We have also have won 70+ medals at Provincial Championships and 15+ medals at National Championships since our inception – We Build Champions. Our club Technical Director, Ben Josephson, oversees all of the systems and development infrastructure we have in place, which allows us to provide year round training opportunities run by professional and experienced coaches – We Pursue Excellence. 

Our Mantra

Forever Fearless, Forever Family, Forever a Duck

Our Purpose

To grow the sport of volleyball, and provide our athletes a family culture and elite training environment, that inspires, educates, and develops future leaders and champions.

Our Goals

We Build Champions – To provide athletes and coaches the best opportunities to learn, compete and excel to their full potential in the sport of volleyball. We want our athletes and coaches, competing at the highest level possible, regardless of their age, level or gender. We believe all of our athletes and teams can become champions.

We Pursue Excellence – To provide infrastructure and resources to athletes and coaches so they can can reach their potential. We want our Ducks culture in each and every gym, a culture that has high expectations for growth, learning, competition and fun. We believe all athletes and teams can pursue excellence.

We Value Community – To provide opportunities for our Duck family to have positive learning experiences, both in and out of sport, that promote the development of life skills, leadership, teamwork, self discipline, responsibility and respect that will allow them to contribute positively to their communities. Having strong community is essential to success, and that strong leaders are at its core. We believe all of our athletes and teams can grow into leaders, and make those around them better.

Why We Succeed

We are committed to providing Our Athletes the best training possible. By implementing and applying effective teaching and training principles, we ensure that all of our athletes, of all age, gender, and abilities, will receive the best volleyball education and training possible.

We are committed to providing Our Coaches the best educational resources available. Ducks coaches are passionate about athletes’ development and growth, they are always learning about the game, and the most impactful methods of teaching and training.

We are committed to providing Our Club the best opportunities to succeed both on and off the court. We want our coaches and athletes to have all of the resources and support they require to compete and train at the highest levels possible. Not only are we deeply committed to building champions, we are also focused on growing leaders of the future.