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2024 Ducks Teams

2024 - for invited athletes only

Updated: October 4, 2023

Congratulations, if you are receiving this, you have been identified as an athlete the Ducks Volleyball Club would like to extend the early signing opportunity to. The Ducks will use the Early Signing Period (September 15th, 2023 – November 1, 2023) to early sign 15U-18U athletes who were a part of our club in 2023 (Visit VBC Handbook for more information). Please take a moment to review this important information:


  • An athlete that accepts an early signing position during the Early Signing Period will be guaranteed a spot on a Ducks team for 2024.  
  • An early signed athlete is not guaranteed a specific team (when more than one team is available), a starting position, or specific amount of playing time. When more than one team is offered, early signed athletes must attend team placement sessions/tryouts in order to be identified to specific team. In some situations, the Ducks Executive reserves the right to specify a team for an athlete.
  • The Ducks will not early sign every athlete from the 2023 season. The Ducks will look to early sign up to 50% of our athletes (based on the number of teams being run), from the previous season in each age group, and will be at the sole discretion of the Ducks Executive. 
  • All invited athletes are required to complete the form below, verifying acceptance or declining of the position. Athletes accepting are required to upload their signed form from Volleyball BC to officially accept an offered spot. Athletes that have confirmed their spot may not tryout for other clubs.
  • The Ducks may rescind offers after 36 hours of sending the offer at the discretion of the Ducks Executive if a response has not been given by the athlete.
  • Athletes will be asked for a non-refundable deposit when accepting a spot on a team for 2024. We are currently building our budget and with many unknowns it is challenging. We will finalize details shortly. The costs for the 2024 season are difficult to estimate due to the increased costs in facilities, increased cost of and number of tournaments, insurance, and equipment.
    • Tentative Season Club Fees:
      • Female Non-Elite Teams
        • 15U – 18U | $1200 – $1300 (deposit $650)
      • Female Elite
        • 15U – 18U | $1700 – $1800 (deposit $800)
      • Male Teams
        • 15U – 16U | $1300 -$1400 (deposit $650)
        • 17U-18U | $1500 – $1600 (deposit $800)
      • If you have any questions about financial support, payment plan etc. please email 


  • A year end epic Ducks banquet
  • Individual and team photo
  • Club wide access to Team Snap 
  • 2 training sessions per week
  • Coaching certification + honorariums
  • Gear | Socks, 2 warm up shirts, 2 jerseys (Junior Ducks will have 1 jersey) (boys receive 1 pair of shorts)
  • Tournaments:
    • Female | Qualifiers, Provincial Championships, 4-5 local and/or Volleyball BC tournaments
      • Junior Ducks will have 2-3 local and/or Volleyball BC tournaments
    • Male | Qualifiers and Provincial Championships, National championship registration fee (14U-18U), 4-5 local and/or Volleyball BC tournaments

In addition, ELITE female teams will receive:

  • Entry fee for 2-3 high profile tournaments and/or Power League entry (male teams when applicable and/or available).
  • Entrance fee for National Championships
  • 3 practices a week
  • Team access to our Technical Consultant (14U – 18U)
  • Team access to our Mental Performance Coach (15U – 18U)
  • Team access to our Recruiting Consultant (15U – 18U)
  • Team access to a physical training session 1X per week (15U – 18U)
*Male teams have the ability to obtain team access to a Mental Performance coach, Recruiting Consultant and Physical training sessions at an extra charge upon team and coach approval.


  • Extra tournaments above and beyond specified tournament budget
  • Athletes and coaches travel
  • Registration for National Championships *Elite teams registration is covered within this fee