2022 Application Approved

2022 - Congratulations!

October 12, 2021

Duck Family,

 Thank you for applying to be a part of our Duck family for the 2022 season, we are excited to have you!

It is important to understand that the Ducks are looking to limit the number and size of tryouts run due to COVID-19, as recommended and implemented by Volleyball BC and ViaSport. We are seeking to create as many teams as possible through the early signing and athlete application periods. We recognize this does not work effectively for all age levels and will adapt our process as necessary. Athletes and families need to understand that through this process we are trying to find the balance of providing loyalty to athletes and families, while still providing opportunities for new athletes to join the club.  By accepting an early signing offer, you are committed to the Ducks for 2022. When more than 1 team is offered in an age group, there will be a mandatory team placement session to determine the athletes team for the season. These teams are not negotiable once decided by the selection committee. The Ducks believe that team placement sessions are valuable learning experiences and necessary for proper placement and identification.


  • An athlete that accepts a spot during the application period will be guaranteed a place on a Ducks team for 2022.  
  • An athlete is not guaranteed a starting position or playing time.
  • When more than 1 team is offered in an age group, athletes that accept an application spot will take part in a Ducks only mandatory team placement session for 2022. This team placement session may also include athletes that have been selected during the early signing period. If rosters are not complete following the application period, an open tryout will be scheduled to complete the rosters.
  • All athletes are required complete the form below, verifying acceptance or declining of the position. Athletes accepting are required to upload their signed form from Volleyball BC to officially accept an offered spot. Athletes that have confirmed their spot, may not tryout for other clubs.
  • The Ducks may rescind offers after 36 hours at the discretion of the Ducks Executive if a response has not been given by the athlete.
  • Athletes will be asked for a non-refundable deposit of $500 when accepting a spot on a team for 2022. We are currently building our budget and with many unknowns it is challenging. We will finalize details shortly. The costs for the 2022 season are difficult to estimate due to the increased costs in facilities, increased cost of and number of tournaments, insurance, and equipment. We can tentatively estimate:
    • Junior Ducks (11U-12U) between $575 – $675
    • Female Non-Elite teams (13U – 18U) between $950 – $1150
    • Female Elite (14U – 18U) between $1450 – $1650
    • Male teams will range between $1100 – $1300
    • If you have any questions about financial support, payment plan etc. please email info@ducksvolleyball.ca
Early SIgning offer accepted – Early Signing Steps

Step 1: Complete the Volleyball BC Form that was emailed to you

Step 2: Complete the Ducks Application Offer form (below) + Upload the completed Volleyball BC form 

Step 3: Complete the Team Snap deposit for the season (will be sent to confirmed athletes in 3-5 days)