2022 Season

Ducks Club Season 2022

Dear Duck Family,

We want to update you and clarify information about the upcoming season. We want to assure you that we are working diligently to put in place protocols to keep our athletes, coaches and families safe, while offering high-level programs so we can continue to offer our Ducks Family the best training and experience possible. It is important to understand that the Ducks are looking to limit the number and size of tryouts run due to COVID-19, as recommended by Volleyball BC and ViaSport. In order to accomplish this, the Ducks will be using the signing period, application period, and tryout period to complete the teams for 2022.  Athletes and families need to understand that through this process we are trying to find the balance of providing loyalty to athletes and families, while still providing opportunities for new athletes to join the club. We recognize this does not work effectively for all age levels and will adapt our process as necessary based on the needs of each age level. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this situation. Please visit the Volleyball BC website for more information about this process.


  • Tryouts will be used for 11U – 14U Female Athletes | 14U Male Athletes *All other age levels will only have tryouts if necessary to complete teams
  • Early Signing Period | Application Period will be used for Male and Female athletes aged 15U – 18U
  • 12U – 15U Male and Female athlete that are not identified to a club team or simply want to improve at volleyball will be offered placement in our Ducks Volleyball League + Training to guarantee athletes still have to opportunity to train and play. Please click HERE to indicate your expression of interest. If you are offered a spot on a team for the 2022 season, you will be removed from the train & play program to make room for athletes who have not been offered positions.


Formal tryouts have not been scheduled at this point as the Ducks are attempting to identify as many athletes and put in place as many teams as possible without tryouts for safety and logistical concerns. Each age group will be thoroughly examined, and tryouts will be run when necessary to provide the best opportunities for as many athletes to play volleyball this season as possible. We will announce tryouts and age groups, once we have finalized this information by mid November.

Bryan Gee
Ducks Volleyball
Chief Executive Officer

For more Information regarding Volleyball BC Protocols and Policies, please visit:



The Ducks will use the early signing period, for Male and Female athletes aged 15U and older, and will continue to do so until the end of the signing period. 12U, 13U, and 14U athletes will be required to attend an open Ducks tryout, for these age groups early signing may be used in some situations. The number of athletes that will be early signed will vary by age group, and will be based on various factors, including gym availability,  coaches, athletes ability level, and number of teams being offered, however, the Ducks will look to early sign between 65-75% of our athletes from the previous season in each age group. For example, if the Ducks only have the capacity to run 2 teams at an age group, we may look to early sign 16-18 athletes out of 24 spots to allow athletes to enter the Ducks through application and/or tryouts. 

Key Points:

– Information regarding early signing offers, dates, and teams being offered for 2022 are listed below. 

– Clubs may sign up to 12 athletes per team | Clubs may only sign athletes that were a part of their club for the 2021 season.

– Athletes may still receive an early signing invitation later in the early signing period if another athlete declines their offer. Please be patient through this time frame.

– Athletes that early sign are not guaranteed playing time or specific team placement, the Ducks will hold a team placement session to determine the teams for each athlete.

– Athletes that are not early signed are encouraged to use the application period to apply back with the Ducks. Things can change over time, we may be able to add more teams, more coaches, and/or more spots may become available for various reasons.


(updated october 10, 2021)

 Application Period – ImpORTANT INFORMATIOn 

1. Applications are processed ONLY through the Volleyball BC website, after VBC has received the application, it will be shared with clubs for review. Do not email applications to the club.

2. Athletes from all clubs are encouraged to apply. If you you have any questions about our club, and are interested in applying, email info@ducksvolleyball.ca.

3. Please apply as early as possible. Be familiar with the number of teams and positions available for each age group. Be patient:) We are processing applications to the best of our ability.

4. Ducks athletes that have not been early signed are encouraged to apply. 

5. All selected athletes, either early signed and/or application athletes, must attend the placement session, and have the opportunity to make any of the teams being offered in an age group.


(updated october 10, 2021)

The Ducks will use the athlete application period to identify athletes for the 2022 season, athletes that are identified through application will take part in a mandatory team placement session to determine actual team. The athlete application period is when athletes interested in moving to a different club are permitted to apply. The Ducks Executive will look at each application thoroughly to determine if the skill and ability of each athlete is a good fit for our teams. If rosters are not complete following the application period, an open tryout will be scheduled to complete the rosters.

Female Program

Early Signing Offers + Tryouts – Female

12U – Not used | Tryouts TBA

13U – Not used | Tryouts TBA

14U – Not used | Tryouts TBA

15U – Offers emailed | Tryouts if necessary

16U – Offers emailed | *All Positions Filled 

17U | 18U – Offers emailed | *All Positions Filled 

Teams + Postions Available – Female

12U | 4 Teams |12-1 – 12-2 – 12-3 – 12-4 *Tryouts TBA

13U | 3 Teams |13-1 – 13-2 – 13-3 *Tryouts TBA

14U | 3 Teams |14-1 – 14-2 – 14-3 *Tryouts TBA

15U | 3 Teams |15-1 – 15-2 – 15-3

16U | 3 Teams |16-1 – 16-2 – 16-3

17U – 18U | 4 Teams |18U – 1 | 18U -2 | 17-1 | 17-2 or 18-3 *dependant on application and #of athletes 

*We will offer 2 Elite teams at 18U for the 2022 season 

Male Program

Early Signing Offers + Tryouts – Male

14U – Not used | Tryouts TBA

15U – Offers emailed | *All Positions Filled  

16U – Offers emailed | * 2 Middle Positions Available Tryouts if necessary TBA

17U – Offers emailed | *All Positions Filled  

18U – Offers emailed | *All Positions Filled  

Teams + Positions Available – Male

14U | 1 team | 14-1 *Tryouts TBA

15U | 1 team | 15-1 

16U | 1 team | 16-1 


17U | 1 team | 17-1 

18U | 1 team | 18-1